Saturday, July 28, 2012


I’m not especially a baseball fan, heck I’m just not a sports fan ( ironic since Billy’s job, our bread and butta, is in sports) but when Billy asks if I wanna go to a ball game I jump at the chance.  For me it’s about the food, the atmosphere and the people.  The Marlins have a new name and a new stadium.  They are now the Miami Marlins and they have their own stadium with a Latin flair, in the heart of Little Havana, in the vibrant city of Miami.  Aside from the beautiful weather for 9 months out of the year, the cultural diversity is why we love living in South Florida ( and why I have a Floranadian accent, that's Canadian/Floridian).  That diversity is definitely reflected in the food served at the Marlins ball park.  You can have Ceviche, Lobster Rolls, Cuban Sandwiches, Chicharron (fried pork rinds), black bean burgers, of course hot dogs and so much more. 
It’s the hotdogs that inspired this blog; actually what topped the dogs is the inspiration. We had just eaten an immense amount of food before the game, but Billy and his buddy had to have a hotdog, we’re at the ball park after all!  This hotdog was topped with a colorful mango slaw.  The guys ooed and awed, and stuffed themselves loving every bite; they barely fit into their seats.

I have had the idea of making Mango Slaw in my little head for weeks, and finally had the opportunity when I was visiting my parents to make it and this tropical version of coleslaw.  It was a hit, even far, far away from FLA!

 To remove the flesh from a mango, cut the mango down either side of the pit.

 A Japanese mandolin works well to julienne the mango, if you have one use the fine julienne blade.


I did not have a mandolin, so I made thin slices of mango…

Then cut those slices into thin strips.

Put all the veggies and mango into a large bowl. (My Dad is very sensitive to the heat from peppers so I didn’t add the habanero pepper. I really love heat with the sweet so next time I will be adding the pepper.)


Do you remember these bowls?  My mom has had these bowls since I was a little girl. 


Mayo and mustard…

Fresh lime looks juicy

The dressing is mixed.

All the ingredients in the pool, and give them a toss.

Serve Mango slaw with chicken, turkey, or pork.  I served the slaw over hot dogs that had been basted in BBQ sauce…YUMMO!

Serves 6
4             cups       Cabbage, shredded
2             cups       Mango, julienned (fine strips)
1             cup         Red onion, sliced fine
*1                          Habanero pepper, seeds and veins removed, very finely diced (optional)    

¼            cup         Cilantro, finely chopped
1/3         cup         Mayonnaise
1             tsp          Dijon mustard
1                            Lime, juice only
2             tsp          Honey
¾            tsp          Salt
¼            tsp          Pepper

1.      In a large bowl for the slaw: add the cabbage, mango, red onion, habanero (optional), and cilantro.
2.      In a small bowl mix together for the dressing: mayonnaise, mustard, lime juice, honey, salt and pepper.  (If you want a little heat but don’t want to use habaneros, add a few drops of Tabascco to the dressing).
3.      Pour the dressing over the slaw and toss gently.
4.      Serve with chicken, turkey, pork, or over hot dogs.

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