Wednesday, March 5, 2014


So it’s here, that time when I re-evaluate my life and the way I’m living it.  You see, I had my 44th birthday just a couple of weeks ago…and holy cow does that sound old when I say it out loud!!!  Anyway, between the birthday, and the fact that a member of my own family has cancer and is in the beginning stages of treatment my way of thinking has been slightly shaken.  Not as far as how I’m living my life morally, and I don’t feel unfulfilled in anyway, no I’m cool like that, but in the way look after (or don’t look after) my health.

Billy and I eat pretty well, but we don’t eat really well.  It dawned on me that how can I ask Lord for good health and not do anything to promote good health?  Seriously?

I informed Billy that we were going to be eating a lot healthier from now on.  

And his response was “Why?  Do you want to lose weight?”   

And my response, accompanied with a piercing glare was “Why? Do you think I need to lose weight?”  Ya’d think he’d have learned by now! 

While my goal isn’t necessarily to lose weight, but rather be healthier by eating nutrient dense foods, if losing a few ell bees is a by-product, I won’t be sad.

Tomatoes are a nutrient dense food, which promote good cardiovascular and bone health (according to a newer study) as well having anti-cancer benefits.  

Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette is both nutrients dense and low in fat.  Roasting the tomatoes intensifies their flavor and brings out their natural sweetness, making them extra delish.  The tomatoes make up the bulk of the dressing, and the vinaigrette only uses ¼ cup of olive oil, versus the typical vinaigrette which would use over a cup of oil to make the same amount of dressing.  I used dried dill in this instance, because I was feeling kinda summery, but dried oregano or tarragon would be good as well; or you can go ahead and use most any kind of fresh herb that you like with tomatoes.

This flavorful dressing is great atop of a salad, would be delish served over fish, and is terrific stirred into cooked grains and/or lentils.

Here’s what you do.

Start by placing a pound of ripe tomatoes, which have been cut in half, along with some garlic cloves, 1/4 cup of olive oil, dried herbs, such as dill, oregano or tarragon, and salt in a baking dish. 

Note that if you want to add fresh herbs instead of the dry it's better to add them to the dressing later rather than roasting them, to preserve that fresh flavor.

Now toss it all around, coating the tomatoes in the herbs and oil, and being sure that the tomatoes are cut side down in the dish.

Roast in a 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes, until the skins of the tomatoes blister.

Use the back of a paring knife to gently pull off the skins.

Discard those skins.

Use a slotted spoon to remove the tomatoes and garlic to the jar of a blender, leave the oil and juices in the pan for now.

Add some white wine vinegar, but don't add the whole amount yet as the seasoning can be adjusted to taste later; also add a touch of honey to the jar.

Blend on low, just until the tomatoes are pureed.

Pour the liquid through a strainer to remove the seeds; it helps to pour it into a large measuring cup... that it can be poured back into the blender.
Put the lid on and turn the blender on low.

Remove the plug from the lid and pour the reserved oil and juices in a slow-steady stream through the whole.  

Taste for seasoning and add pepper and more vinegar if you feel that the dressing needs it; also, if you're using fresh herbs instead of dry, this would be the time to add them.

If you’re not confident in pouring from the dish, pour the oil into a measuring cup and then pour it through the hole.
Serve this tasty low-fat dressing over a hearty salad, over fish, or stir into cooked grains.

Roasted Tomato Vinaigrette will keep in the refrigerator for about a week.


Makes about 2 cups

1               lb.           Ripe tomatoes, sliced in half (about 3 medium tomatoes)
3-5           cloves       Garlic
¼             cup          Extra virgin olive oil
¾             tsp.          Dried dill, oregano, or tarragon
¼             tsp.          Salt
5-7           Tbsp.        White wine vinegar (depending on how acidic you like your dressing)
1              Tbsp.         Honey
                                    Pepper to taste

   1.       Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
   2.       Place the tomatoes and garlic in a shallow baking dish.  Drizzle the olive oil over the top and also sprinkle the dill (or oregano) and salt over the top; use your hand to rub the oil and seasoning all over the tomatoes and then be sure that the tomatoes are cut side down in the dish.  Roast for about 30 minutes until the skin of the tomatoes has blistered.
   3.       Remove the roasted tomatoes from the oven and use a paring knife to gently remove and discard the skin from the tomatoes, it’s easily removed. 
   4.       Use a slotted spoon to remove the tomatoes and garlic to the jar of a blender, leaving the oil in the baking dish, and then pour the oil into a measuring cup, place the oil to the side.  Also add the white wine vinegar (start with 5 tablespoons) and honey to the blender; blend on low speed. 
   5.       Place a mesh strainer over a large measuring cup or a small bowl, pour the vinaigrette through the strainer, it helps to stir the liquid while it’s in the strainer to help it through quicker. 
   6.       Return the strained liquid to the blender, put the lid back on and turn the blender on low, remove the plug from the lid and pour the reserved oil in a slow stream through the hole in the lid.  Taste the vinaigrette and add some black pepper and more vinegar if necessary; blend that for just a few seconds.
   7.       Refrigerate until ready to use.  This dressing will keep for about a week in the refrigerator.

Note that if you use fresh herbs (basil would also be nice) rather than dried, it’s best to add them in step 4 rather than step 2.

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  1. Happy belated birthdaaaaaay!!!! MMMMM this vinaigrette looks amazing! I've never made a roasted tomato vinaigrette and I bet it's slurp-alicious good!! Definitely want to drizzle it all over my salads now and forevermore!!

  2. Kari, This dressing looks amazing! I can't wait to try it. I love roasted tomatoes. I have made salad dressing with canned fire roasted tomatoes but the sodium level is so high. Your method is so much healthier. Thanks so much!

  3. Taking care of ourselves spiritually and physically is always a good step. Your roasted tomato vinagrette is delightful. Thanks for sharing it.