Wednesday, January 8, 2014



This is the time of year when ya just want something warm and comforting to eat. 

It’s also the time of year when ya might have a few extra ell bees to get rid of because you might have eaten way too many cookies and goodies over the holidays.

When I say you, I really mean me.

Braised Escarole and Beans is not only a warm and comforting dish, but it’s also healthy and restorative!

Today I have the honor of posting the recipe over at my friend Julia’s, of The Roasted Root!

Julia is witty and charming; she uses healthy ingredients in a yummy way, and she’s an author!  In fact I pre-ordered a copy of her book Delicious Probiotic Drinks and am eagerly awaiting its arrival next month!

So now that we’re all getting our diets back on track and have boarded the comforting can be healthy train; choo-choo on over to Julia’s for the Braised Escarole with Beans recipe?

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  1. Yeeeeeah! Thanks so much for hanging out on my site today! I'm psyched to try your braised escarole - thanks so much for introducing me to a new-to-me veggie!! <3 Have a great day!

  2. There is nothing more comforting in winter than a nice dish with beans or lentils and this one looks specially tasty.
    I'm going to prepare it this weekend :)

  3. one comforting,soulful and hearty greens plus beans will taste so good with buttered french bread...delicious,thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Loved your guest post over on Julia's blog. This dinner looks delicious! I'm having a little love affair with white beans right now. So good! And thanks for the comment on my blog. Can't wait to see what you cook up next : )

  5. This sounds divine! I love escarole but only ever use it in soup. Must try it this way!

  6. There is something so pretty about this Kari. Love the flavor combinations and like Katie's comment, I never thought to use escarole in soup. Brilliant.

  7. A perfect dish for this cold windy weather. Thanks for the recipe. I like your blog!