Friday, October 25, 2013


I know that I’ve already shared a recipe for Tahini Hummus with y’all, but that recipe uses dried beans which need to soak overnight.  So to make that version of hummus requires a little planning.  I also shared with you that I would post a quick and easy recipe for hummus using beans from a can, so about a year later, I've come finally come through!

I’m not gonna lie to you, canned beans don’t have the same flavor and texture that dried beans have, but the reality is that most of time I’m making this dip on a whim.  

Quick and Easy Homemade Hummus is still far superior to store bought hummus.  Every time I make it Billy remarks, almost as if he’s surprised, at how good this hummus is! 

This is just my basic recipe, but roasted peppers, olives, or pine nuts can be added to jazz it up a little.
Once you’ve made it, and you see how truly quick and easy it is to make; not to mention more affordable, you’ll never buy hummus again.

Here’s what you do.

Drain a can of chick peas (aka garbanzo beans) over a bowl, and reserve the liquid.

Add to the bowl of a food processor, (I used my mini prep) the drained chick peas, a couple of cloves of garlic (I had some garlic I had roasted the night before so I used that), tahini paste, extra virgin olive oil...

The juice of one lemon, as well as a little salt and pepper.

Pulse to puree the beans.

If the dip is too thick add 1 to 3 tablespoons of the reserved bean liquid.

I like my hummus on the thinner side. Check for seasoning and add more salt & pepper if needed.

If you like, make a moat with the back of a spoon and fill it with more extra virgin olive oil. 


Serves 4 to 6

1-15          oz. can                  Chick peas (garbanzo beans)
2              cloves                   Garlic minced (or up to 6 cloves of roasted garlic)
2              Tbsp.                     Tahini (sesame seed paste)
3              Tbsp.                     Extra virgin olive oil (plus more for optional garnish)
1                                          Lemon, juice of
1-3            Tbsp.                     Reserved liquid from the beans
                                           Salt and pepper to taste

   1.       Drain the chick peas, but reserve about ¼ cup of the liquid.
   2.       To the bowl of a food processor add the chick peas, garlic, Tahini paste, 3 Tbsp. olive oil, and lemon juice.  Pulse until the mixture is smooth; if needed add 1 to 3 Tbsp. of the reserved bean liquid until the dip is the consistency that you like.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.
   3.        Remove to a serving bowl and serve immediately or store covered in the refrigerator.
   4.       (Optional) to serve, use the back of a spoon to make a moat on the top of the hummus and pour some olive oil into the moat.

Notes: * If you don’t have a food processor; make the hummus in a bowl and use an immersion (stick) blender to puree the beans.

**If you don’t want the taste of raw garlic and don’t have time to roast garlic; add the minced garlic to a small cold pan with 2 teaspoons of olive oil, heat it over medium heat, as soon as you hear the sizzle remove the pan from the heat but leave the garlic in the pan for a couple of more minutes, the residual heat will cook it perfectly.

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  1. I LOVE hummus and I just got a fancy new blender, so I'll have to make hummus as a way of inducting it into the household! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Kari, I love to eat chickpea but yet to try hummus. Your hummus look inviting.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Argh!! That's what I forgot. I'm meant to make hommus today. Off to the kitchen :D x