Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I ‘m so sorry to have been neglecting you, I’ve had a lot going on lately, but you’ve been on my mind.  I will have a recipe for you really soon.

This is what’s been going on. 
Our beloved Lucy was sick and passed away last Wednesday, so I haven't been much into cooking.  Lucy was our first ever cat, she made us into cat people.  She opened us up to a love that we never knew existed.  We miss her dearly and remember her fondly.

Speaking of cats… One of our two remaining kitties has been marking, so I have been like a mad woman looking for and cleaning up after whoever it is.  

Is it the innocent looking Sweet Pea  a.k.a.Devil Pea?

Or is it the new baby Matidla?  Look at that face..."It wasn't me?"  

 Either way, no body's talking.  Oh, the joys of integrating a new furry member into the family.

I also decided it was time to tackle the guest room. 

The color was too dark for the amount of sunlight that penetrates this room.  The windows face west and north, so most of the day there's not much light.
So I decided to lighten and brighten it with a Robin's Egg blue.  Even at night it looks brighter.

I am a bit of a perfectionist, so it’s not a matter of slapping some paint on the walls and calling it a day.  The prep and priming alone took most of a day (lots of wall repair, arrgh).  I have one more coat of paint to apply to the trim and I will be done!

I also have lots more spring cleaning and projects lined up, but I will be able to get some cooking and blogging done in between those.  I have some really great posts coming up for Easter!

Thanks for being so patient with me.  I really, truly appreciate you all!


  1. Very sorry to hear about your cat, losing an animal is so sad, I've been through it to :(

  2. What gorgeous kitties! I'm so sorry about losing Lucy! They become parts of our family and losing one is so heartbreaking. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments - I'll be following you too!

  3. I clicked over after Reeni shared a link on FB. I'm so sorry about Lucy. We have 6, having recently lost one of ours, too. Forever in our hearts, just no longer in our arms.

    I've pinned your tempeh marsala - can't wait to make it!

  4. So sorry for your loss! I'm a cat person too and know how tight the bond is.