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I live in South Florida and like much of the population; I’m a transplant (nobody’s FROM South Florida).  Throughout South Florida there are regions where certain "immigrant" groups (be they from another country or another state) migrate to.  Where I live the main immigrant group comes from New York.  Quite frankly I’m surprised that the population of New York hasn’t dwindled to nothing, I guess that’s because about half of them (AKA Snowbirds) are only here for five or six months of the year.
I love New Yorkers, their unmistakable accent (yes you have an accent), the way they tell it like it is, and I love their bagels and their pizza!  Thanks to those New York immigrants, this Canadian immigrant frequents the most amazing, delicious, yummy (you get the picture) bagel and pizza joints. 
“What do bagels joints have to do with chicken wings?”  Nothing, really.
“What about pizza joints?”  Just keep reading.
Billy and I are big fans of coal fire pizza.  Our favorites being Anthony’s (the first to bring coal fire pizza to South FLA) and Tucci’s.  The coal fire pizza ovens get super, duper hot yielding a crust that is crispy on the bottom and chewy in the center.  These restaurants don’t offer a large menu.  What they do offer is so dang good; that you don’t want anything other than what they are offering.
So I’m gonna tell you what’s on the menu.  Get your pen you’ll want to write this down.  Are you ready?  They make pizza, salad and chicken wings.  Did you get that?
I wanna talk to you about the wings (ain't no thang but a chicken wang)!  Both Anthony’s and Tucci’s do a very similar chicken wing.  I know for sure there are onions, garlic, and rosemary, in the wings; and that the high heat of the coal fire oven gives the chicken a crispy skin and seals in the juices.
I took a stab at making these wings at home, and they turned out fantastico!  I’m about to tell the world how to make these tasty Pizza Joint Chicken Wings at home.  I’m really hoping that we won’t be banned from our favorite pizza joints for revealing their secrets!


These chickens must be on steroids, look how big the wings are!

Use a SHARP knife and remove the wing tip at the joint.  Discard those little fellas.
Cut through the joint to separate the drumette.
I just realized that the photos make it look as if I'm cutting the chicken on my counter top.  Don't get grossed out, I am using a transparent cutting mat.
Put lots of salt and pepper on both sides of the chicken.


Toss the chicken into a resealable bag along with the onions, garlic and fresh thyme (or rosemary).
The wings are a little thirsty; so go on and give them a little drink of wine.


Now that the wings are good and drunk, add a little olive oil to sober them up.  (Does that make sense to anyone else?)

 Squeeze the air out of the bag and zip it up. 
 Mush the bag around to get the ingredients evenly distributed, and marinate the chicken for one or two hours in the refrigerator; turning the bag half way through. 
Do not marinate for more than two hours, the acid from the wine will make the chicken tough.

Pre heat the oven to 450 degrees.
Now just imagine a half sheet pan, with a layer of chicken wings covered in its marinade, onions, garlic and thyme.  I’m not sure why I don’t have a photo.

Roast the wings for about 30 minutes, turning at the half way point.  Cook until the chicken is cooked through, the skin is crispy and golden brown.
Did I mention that these go great withFresh Fig & Proscuitto Pizza Topped with Argula?

Makes 16 to 20 wings

1 ½         lbs.         Chicken wings
                             Salt and pepper
½                          Medium onion sliced ¼ inch thick
6             cloves    Garlic, smashed

12           sprigs     Fresh thyme, or about 5 sprigs of fresh rosemary
¼             cup        Extra virgin olive oil
1              cup        Dry white wine

1.       Use a sharp knife to cut in between the joint of the tip and the wing; discard the tip.  Cut in between the joint of the drumette and the wing.
2.       Generously season the chicken with salt and pepper.
3.       Put the seasoned chicken into a gallon sized resealable zipper bag.
4.       Add the remaining ingredients to the bag.  Squeeze the air out, zip the bag and mush everything around distributing the ingredients evenly.
5.       Marinate the chicken in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours, turning the bag over half way through.  Do not marinate the chicken for more than 2 hours, or the acid from the wine will cause the chicken to break down.
6.       Pre heat oven to 450 degrees.
7.       Lay the chicken in a single layer on a half sheet pan, and pour the contents of the marinade over the chicken.
8.       Put the chicken into the hot oven and roast for 30 minutes, turning half way through; until the chicken is cooked through, and the skin is crispy and golden brown.

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